Tony's passion is to help young people become the best they can be in their community, life and in sports.

Tony coached youth football for five years where he learned to teach young athletes the importance of hard work.  He taught the significance of setting goals in sports and in the classroom. He served as a Coach, Field Director and Athletic Director during that time. Tony has built this gym from the ground up, fueled by a passion for developing the next generation of citizens and leaders.

JILL mowers


Jill's focus at Nor Cal Speed Inc. is Marketing, Communication and Operations. When not helping at Nor Cal Speed Inc., Jill is a Buyer and has been in the Merchandising field for over 25 years.

Jill was introduced to the world of football and speed training for kids in 2012. She has seen what hard work and dedication to youth will do and the importance that these programs have in the community.  She now shares Tony's passion for supporting sports and fitness programs for all ages.





Brandon is a great role model for all ages with his dedication and commitment to sports and education.   

Brandon is currently pursuing a degree in Kinesiology at Dickinson State University. He plays football as a starting wide receiver and advises Nor Cal Speed in developing their training programs for youth. He is a vital part of the staff at Nor Cal Speed Inc. and shares Tony's love of sports and citizenry.